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Democrat Jim Devine has been an outspoken and courageous leader who has staked out clear positions on controversial issues of public importance. Check this page often to find out about Devine's platform and get the latest news updates from the campaign.


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America already has free public education

Democratic strategist James J. Devine said the idea of making tuition at public colleges and universities should not be considered a particularly radical idea.

GOP budget means bad news for America

Democratic strategist James J. Devine condemned the devastating budget cuts passed by Republicans on the House Finance committee, which he said would, "put partisan politics before the interests of the people of New Jersey, voting to slash funding for critical economic priorities for our small businesses and middle class families in service of their radical ideology.”

Devine calls for better gun law enforcement

Democratic mayoral candidate James J. Devine is leading the fight to arrest gun violence, which has surged in Rahway in recent years, and to better confront the problem of crime by getting results when if comes to investigations, detection and apprehension of suspects.

Devine would promote citizen engagement

Democrat James Devine said as mayor he would ask the City Council to create the new position of citizen engagement coordinator, in order to help communicate with people, organize an aggressive volunteer program, and serve as a conduit for public comments and ideas. The coordinator would spend time meeting community members, assisting with a broad range of outreach, and focusing on expanded citizen participation.

Devine endorses student loan refinancing plan

Democrat James J. Devine endorsed a new student loan refinancing bill introduced by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and asked citizens to sign a petition backing the proposed measure in response to a request from the progressive lawmaker. In an email sent to Devine, Warren explained that her proposed ‘Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act’ would let qualified borrowers refinance existing student loan debt to the same lower prices that Congress agreed upon for new students this year.

Gun violence is getting worse in Rahway

Fifty percent more people were shot in the city last year, according to the same State Police statistics that politicians are using to support claims that violent crime is down 35 percent.

Rahway's oldest living resident is supporting Devine for mayor

Rahway's oldest living resident, 104-year-old Eleanor Young, is supporting Democrat James J. Devine for mayor. Devine and his city council running mate, Yvonne Wesley, paid a visit to Eleanor and her daughter, Mamie, recently, at their Whelan Place home.

Most crimes remain unsolved by Rahway police

Democrat James J. Devine expressed concern after learning that city police solved fewer than one out of four reported crimes in the city last year, according to current State Police data.

FROM THE HOME NEWS TRIBUNE: Two vying for mayor’s seat in Rahway

City voters will be deciding between local Democratic strategist James J. Devine and Hillside township administrator Samson Steinman to serve as the next mayor in the June 3 Democratic primary, because no Republican filed to run for mayor this year. Steinman argues that Rahway is heading in the right direction, while Devine advocates change. City Hall failed residents on tax fairness, with homeowners paying 60 percent property tax increases as Merck got a reduction and with police solving only 23 percent of crimes while gun violence becomes more common.

Devine applauds Scutari’s goal to legalize marijuana

Democrat James J. Devine applauded Senator Nick Scutari’s courage for sponsoring controversial legislation, the liberal Democrat said he was rather try legalizing marijuana in New Jersey by putting the issue on a ballot and allowing voters to decide.

Devine seeking Democratic nod in Rahway mayoral primary

Democrats will have a choice between Hillside township administrator Samson Steinman and Rahway businessman James J. Devine in the upcoming mayoral primary election, scheduled for Tuesday, June 3.

Rahway homeowners overcharged on tax bills

Rahway homeowners are overcharged due to faulty assessments according to research conducted by Democratic activist James J. Devine.

Democratic Response to Rahway's 2014 State of the City

Closing our eyes to the problems we face or trying to put a shine on a bleak, somber and dispiriting outlook is reckless. Rahway needs an experienced and dedicated progressive whose full attention will be on the reformation of city government.

Obamacare is good for America

Fewer American children are without health insurance thanks to Democratic President Barack Obama's signature legislative accomplishment, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, according to Democratic Party strategist James J. Devine, who cited a new Census Bureau report.

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Democrat Jim Devine has been waging an aggressive campaign, taking his message of progressive policies and bold, effective leadership to the people. Check out our featured happenings and make time to join us on the campaign trail as we see to build a better Rahway!