America already has free public education

America already has free public education, so Bernie Sanders' idea of making tuition at public colleges and universities should not be considered a particularly radical idea.

When cars and trucks became common, roads and bridges were made bigger and stronger to accommodate the larger vehicles and loads. Today, the body of human knowledge is much greater than it once was. In the last hundred years alone, mankind of left the bounds of earth, charted the genes that make up DNA and unleashed the power inside atoms. As the quantity of knowledge has grown, so must the educational framework in which this information is passed on to future generations.

Early childhood education provides an opportunity to install vast amounts of information and knowledge, because infants' brains may be described as particularly absorbent. We should not deny the youngest students a chance to learn multiple languages and be instilled with other means by which they can acquire greater knowledge during their lifetimes.

Also, it has become common for people to need education or training that goes beyond the general instruction provided in a k-12 environment, whether for technical and vocational ability related to a particular job or the kind of learning that can lead to synthesis and discovery. Spending on education is an investment in national defense and the strength of our economy. This is a fundamental necessity responsibility for which all of society must share. New parents should be informed about the lessons they should provide newborn and young children. Educators should examine the pedagogy, scope and methods employed for teaching at various grade levels. The pursuit of knowledge should never fail to explore ways to make information and understanding greater and more available to larger audiences.

Since knowledge is power, it is critical that citizens in a democracy be accurately informed and capable of processing information with critical thinking skills. We must ultimately insure that all our people are free from ignorance as a precursor to all other rights and liberties to which they are entitled.

The principle that should be adopted by America is that public education should be free and of high quality form the age of three to a college degree.