#HuntRepublicans hashtag

I hope my #HuntRepublicans hashtag did not hurt your feelings too much, Snowflake, but I am tired GOPers dishing it out w/o a response. However, I am only registering complaints from those who also responded when Sarah Palin put crosshairs on Democrat Gabby Giffords or when dittoheads posted images of Barack Obama being lynched.

For way too long, too many sanctimonious conservatives have been waging a war of both words and deeds without an equally loud and effective response.

The 'liberal hunting permit' is an example of 'dishing it out' from folks who must learn what it means to 'take it' because while I have tried extinguishing flames with water, it seems there are occasions when you must fight fire with fire. I did not start this and would prefer civil discourse but as President Trump said, "I don't have time for political correctness." When the GOP is prepared to respect other people's opinions with an end to this inflammatory language, I will be glad to join my fellow Americans in a sane and rational dialogue but when somebody throws the first punch, I'm not going to sit back and take it. I will make time for a rational discussion about our problems and solutions, but I am not willing to engage in unilateral disarmament.


Hunt Republicans: Tips for coming together & fighting back in the age of truthless Trumpism by James J. Devine

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