Rahway's oldest living resident is supporting Democrat James Devine for mayor

Rahway's oldest living resident, 104-year-old Eleanor Young, is supporting Democrat James J. Devine for mayor.

Devine and his city council running mate, Yvonne Wesley, paid a visit to Eleanor and her daughter, Mamie, recently, at their Whelan Place home.

"I was genuinely impressed that someone literally twice my age told me life keeps getting better and better," said Devine, who is 52.

"It was an honor to meet someone who has lived 104 years, because Eleanor Young personifies the debt society owes to all senior citizens," said Devine.

"I have strongly opposed efforts to weaken Social Security and Medicare, so I was shocked when local Democrats on the freeholder board recently voted to privatize the county hospital," said Devine. "People who are not fortunate enough to have care at home require services like those provided at Runnells Specialized Hospital and it is shameful that politicians would turn a solvent government function over to profiteers."

Eleanor Young was born Sept. 27, 1909 and he has been registered to vote in Union County since 1936.

"Seniors are also vulnerable to crime, so I will demand better performance from local police who solved less than one out of every four crimes reported in the city last year," said Devine.

"Unfair high taxes threaten our elderly residents because they are on fixed income," said Devine. "Instead of giving Merck a one-third tax reduction, City Hall should be protecting people whose homes are over-assessed. This family's property tax bill is close to 50 percent greater than it should be."

"Defending government from right-wing attacks, protecting public safety and making sure taxes are fair remain my top priorities as a candidate for mayor," said Devine. "Rahway's oldest residents and our children deserve effective government protection against things they cannot do for themselves."