State Issues

Cure the Garden State’s plague of ‘politics as usual’

Establish Fair & Clean Elections
Provide public funds matching small donor contributions six to one and equip other resources to all candidates who demonstrate broad public support and agree not to use or coordinate with dirty money in politics. Billionaires and corporations could still spend as much as they want, subject to full disclosure and a 200% tax that allows all candidates to compete on a level battlefield.

Stop Rigging Ballots
Prohibit candidates from ‘bracketing’ or otherwise giving anyone an unfair advantage with respect to ballot position. Every American is entitled to equal protection of the law, so candidates picked by party bosses should not get preferential treatment in primaries.

Guarantee Competition
An election with only one candidate denies voters a choice, and since many districts are rigged to give one party an unfair advantage,there must be alternative choices on the primary election ballot. Government officials should be required to better inform the public of opportunities to seek election and within three days of any petition filing deadline, unopposed candidates will be provided challengers selected by an ad hoc committee of citizens selected at random for this purpose. Candidates drafted by committee will be supplied resources sufficient to inform voters about their platforms and themselves. Every American is entitled to a choice of candidates in primaries, because without it they have no alternative.

Corporate Spending
Require corporations to obtain specific permission from shareholders prior to making any spending to influence legislation, elections, or public opinion and impose a 200% tax on such expenditures, which would fund Fair & Clean Elections. Require full disclosure of funding sources for all political communications. Impose criminal penalties on corporations that make factual misrepresentations in any communications intended to influence legislation, elections, or public opinion concerning government policy.

Resign to Run
Stop politicians from using one elected office as a stepping stone to another, wasting your tax dollars and failing to do their job. Any elected official should be required to resign if he or she wants to seek election to another job.

No 'pre-election' pay hike
No elected official should be entitled to a change in salary unless an election has transpired after the compensation has been set for the job.

No Double Dipping
Public officials should be barred from holding two or more jobs at taxpayer expense. Our current political establishment is rife with corruption and conflicted interests because politicians are looking out for themselves instead of us.

Term Limits
Career politicians have forgotten that public service is an honor and a privilege. It’s time to stop lifetime tenure by making elections competitive and setting limits on the time anyone can hold an elected position.

Cut Property Taxes in Half
New Jersey has more than 1,000 municipalities and schools districts that waste taxpayer money with duplication of services and inefficiency. We can have more responsive services and lower cost without the web of politics, corruption and confusion that we have today.

Government Efficiency
Establish a full-time, unicameral legislature with 60 representatives, who would each be paid $95,000 a year, prohibited from receiving additional earned income and subject to strict conflict of interest rules. Evaluate local government consolidation, such as unifying police and other law enforcement services in a centralized administration to eliminate excess administration and duplication of services. Create a statewide system of free public schools for every child from the age of three to a college degree.


Energy & Environment

Green Building Codes
Require new construction to incorporate low emissions and minimal energy consumption systems, free of toxic building materials, to promote low carbon output and conservation while preventing future contamination.

Polluters Pay
Require corporations to rectify environmental damage on property they own or owned and lobby to reestablish the federal Superfund petrochemical industry tax system.

Wages of Waste
Compel producers of solid waste to prepay the expense of disposal to discourage excess packaging and make consumers aware of the real cost of what they buy. This would provide an economic incentive to reduce the amount of material we throw away, boost recycling and make an effective cut in the streams of both solid waste and hazardous waste.

Public Safety & Security

Resident Responders
Repeal the state law that forbids municipalities and counties from imposing residency requirements for emergency personnel. Police, firefighters and paramedics who live in a city are assets to the community and common sense dictates that economic benefits result when employed people live in the town.

Scrap Red Light Cameras
The only purpose of camera-enforced traffic signals is to produce profits for private corporations that convince public official, often through legal bribes such as campaign cash, that they can achieve greater random revenue while reducing car collisions. A simple timing adjustment of traffic controls, which would make red signals overlap in both directions for a matter of seconds instead of flashing immediately to green when the alternate one turns red, would eliminate virtually all collisions at intersections caused by anxious drivers rushing to beat the yellow light.